5 best Free Fire OB30 update features

The Free Fire OB30 update has been rolled out today, on 28 September 2021, and players cannot wait to check out the new features. They can enjoy the updated version after 6:30 pm IST once the maintenance time is drawn to a close.

Along with the OB30 update, Free Fire Max, the enhanced version of Free Fire, was also released. Android mobile gamers can download the title by clicking here.

Best features of the Free Fire OB30 update

The following are the best features of the new Free Fire update:

1) New Clash Squad

A brand new Clash Squad mode has been introduced by Free Fire in its latest update. This mode will support 6 vs 6 Clash Squad matches. Players can create their own custom room and invite their friends to enjoy this mode.

2) Battle Royale additions and alterations

New features have been added to the Battle Royale map. Players can use the Airdrop Vending Machine to revive fallen teammates.

The Play Zone and Revival Points have been adjusted to make gameplay even smoother. The Clock Tower and Mars Electric area have been adjusted in the Bermuda map.

3) Jai’s Microchip

Jai and his ability (Image via Free Fire) Treatment Sniper (Image via Free Fire) Weapon adjustments (Image via Sportskeeda)Also Read

Various weapons have been balanced in the OB30 update. From range to accuracy to base damage, the statistics of quite a few guns like Vector, UMP, SPAS-12, etc. have been altered. To learn more about weapon balances, players can read this article.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the opinions of the author.

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