4 big things we now know about Pokemon Legends Arceus


    Game Freak finally revealed major details about Pokemon Legends Arceus during a special Pokemon Presents. Here are four things you might have missed – including a hidden feature not shown during the Nintendo Direct.

    Despite being announced in February 2021, Game Freak has been tight-lipped about their open-world title Pokemon Legends Arceus. All of that changed when the developer revealed everything during a special Pokemon Presents conference on August 18th.

    From flying and riding mounts to new region forms, the game’s launch trailer was filled to the brim with new features and mechanics never seen before in the Japanese franchise. However, here are four things you might have missed in the jam-packed video.


    Pokemon Legends: Arceus artwork
    Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

    Legends; Arceus is releasing only two months after the Sinnoh remakes.

    4 things you missed in Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokemon Presents

    4. Pokemon Legends Trading feature

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trading feature
    Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

    The 2022 open-world title will include a trading feature.

    Not shown in the trailer or during the Pokemon Presents, Legends Arceus actually has a trading feature. While this seems like a no-brainer, the open-world title has so far broken all the rules (including being a story-only title).

    Thankfully, Game Freak’s first major jump into the open-world genre will not abandon this classic feature. With players helping create the Hisui and Sinnoh region’s first Pokedex, the possibilities are endless.

    Since Legends only has one version of the game, trade-exclusive Pokemon won’t be a thing. This means the 2022 project can get really creative with evolution trades.

    3. Pokemon Legends Diamond & Pearl connection

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Commander Kamado
    Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

    Legends will feature some familiar faces from Diamond & Pearl.

    When you saw Commander Kamado of the Galaxy Expedition Team, did he look familiar? He should, because the new protagonist is actually the ancestor of Professor Rowan from Gen IV’s Diamond & Pearl.


    Speaking of connections, it’s also clear that the Galaxy Expedition team is somehow connected to Team Galactic (which many fans guessed when seeing their emblem in the debut trailer).

    Though Legends taking place in Sinnoh makes it obviously connected to the Generation 4 titles, it’s pretty neat to see important characters and their lineage pop up in the Nintendo Switch title once again.

    2. Pokemon Legends: Arceus character customization

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set
    Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

    Legends: Arceus will feature a customization option.

    Just like trading, the popular customization feature was not actually shown during the Pokemon Presents. Eagle-eyed fans spotted an image on the official website that showcases the Legends protagonists wearing new outfits.

    Called the Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set, players who pre-order the game will be able to score the snazzy new costumes for free using the game’s online Mystery Gift feature.


    While this doesn’t outright confirm full clothing customization options, it at least confirms that players will be able to dress up in alternative outfits. Seeing what Hisuian fashion looks like is certainly interesting!

    1. Pokemon Legends: Online mode teased?

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Online mode
    Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

    Will Pokemon Legends get an online mode in future updates?

    While Pokemon Legends Arceus was revealed to be a story-only game, details on the project’s official website curiously hint at what could possibly be new modes in a future update.

    “In order to play some content, it may be necessary to install the update data delivery on or after the game release date,” a post on the Pokemon blog read.

    Only time will tell if the open-world title will eventually get more modes outside of the story-based campaign. Considering all the major leaps Game Freak is making with the franchise, we are excited.


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