4 best capture cards for driving games


    B​eing a YouTuber is all the rage these days. Partly to do with spending more than a year indoors, but also because of the sizable fame and bank balance that can go with it. The reality is that it is hard work and not exactly cheap to get started if you plan on gaming.

    T​his is especially true if you wish to capture PS5, Xbox Series X or Series S gameplay at its highest quality because most capture cards top out at 30 frames per second and no way near that lovely detailed 4K resolution.

    Now, you may be wondering why my list of capture cards is limited to four. Was one more that big a stretch? The answer is that the 4K 60 frames per second (FPS) requirement, which is what Forza Horizon 5 will run at and its predecessor already does, is limited to four cards.

    N​ot a difficult choice, then, admittedly, except the buying process can fry your brain when you start weighing up the pros and cons of internal versus external capture cards, pass-through capability, maximum frame rates, connection requirements and so on.

    So for any budding driving game YouTuber (or a veteran looking to upgrade for improved video quality and creative freedom) I have created a guide. With lots of gameplay throughout to make it slightly less excruciating, obviously.

    F​or timestamps and a list of all capture card devices I talk about, look at the video description. Maybe even subscribe as it would be nice to reach 30,000 subscribers. I should probably get another cake to celebrate when I eventually do. Nothing says celebration quite like sponge.

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