2D platformer Jack Axe set to launch on October 7 for Switch and PC

Jack Axe release date TMG 2021.JPG

Developer Keybol Games and publisher Neon Doctrine is set to release the 2D platformer Jack Axe on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on October 7, 2021.  In celebration of revealing the game’s release date, a pretty neat animated trailer. 

Jack Axe looks like a speedrunner’s dream platformer as the gameplay has you controlling a young women Viking named Jack equipped with an axe that’s slicing and jumping all around the level. It looks like chaotic fun and the chaos ramps up if you play the game through co-op of up to 4 other players. The trailer below also showed a bit of a fun personality which is hopefully translated in any way as you progress in the game’s campaign. 

The world of Jack Axe has a mix of Norse and Filipino fantasy elements, says Keybol Games, a game studio based in the Philippines. I’m pretty familiar with their past work over the years through local conventions and it’s great to see them still doing what they do best. Previous work that stood out was the shooter platformer High Noon Revolver and Kill the Plumber, a twisted take on everybody’s favorite jumping plumber (you know who he is) as you take on the role of the enemies trying to take out the little italian guy. All platformers, all unique in their own little way.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Jack Axe’s features provided by Neon Doctrine.

  • Play with up to four players in various campaign and party modes

  • Explore the wide fantasy world infused with elements of Norse and Filipino fantasy

  • Utilize Jack’s Axe to perform incredible platforming feats, and show that girls do it better

  • Enjoy a story written by Bari and Melai Silvestre with their three imaginative daughters

Jack Axe will also be available through Utomik, a subscription-based platform that allows you to play any of the games available in the service for a monthly fee.

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