1,348,888 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating in the last two weeks

Garena Free Fire is a highly successful mobile game, with the battle royale title recently crossing a billion installs on Android’s Google Play Store. In 2021 alone, downloads of the game have exceeded 100 million.

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As far as revenue and downloads are concerned, Free Fire has broken many records. It was the top-grossing game on the Play Store in June and won Mobile Game of the Year gong at the Esports Awards 2020.

Despite its tremendous success, the title has been plagued by cheaters and hackers. As a countermeasure, Garena uses a system that detects and bans any players who attempt to gain an unfair advantage by using third-party software.

To instill confidence, the Free Fire developers also release biweekly reports detailing the cheating statistics.

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The newest report published by Free Fire developers gives information about banned cheaters and employed cheats. Over the past two weeks, 1,348,888 accounts have been banned. Among these numbers, 55.8% were suspended as a result of reports from multiple players.

A total of 37,181 players who teamed up with cheaters to gain an unfair advantage was also banned.

As usual, Free Fire also published a list of the types of hacks used

  1. Auto Aim: In the auto-aim feature, enemies are automatically targeted based on their hit brackets using third-party scripts. 68.3 percent of the total cheaters were banned due to the use of Auto-aim.
  2. Teleport Hacks: 15.3 percent were suspended as they used this cheat. It allows players to move instantly from one location to another without having to cover any physical distance.
  3. Through the Wall: 13.8 percent of the cheater’s used wallhacks. It was possible to shoot through walls without any difficulty using this cheat.
  4. The remaining 2.6 percent of people were banned for unspecified reasons.

Garena has optimized its anti-hack measures to improve detection. In addition, it encouraged gamers to report any in-game hackers they encounter.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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