10 Things GM Mode Should Get Right

GM mode is back!

Online sports enthusiasts They broke the news that the lovable feature had become a “top priority” during the development of WWE 2K22 – they also said that 2K knows how “obviously fans want it”. This is correct. This feature has been topping my wishlists since it was last seen in SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, which was released in 2007.

14 years later (15 by the time 2K22 launches next year), conflict-obsessed gamers will do finally Dealing with an updated version. This means that players clinging to the past can finally put their Xbox 360 away, kiss goodbye to the old “24/7” mode and forego reserving photoshoots or movie roles for Batista before pay-per-view matches.

It’s time to do it with stars like Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch instead.

Getting a GM in 2K22 was just half the battle. It designs a must-have mode that will charm both older and younger gamers that 2K will be interested in. To do this, they’ll need to make the gameplay fun and immersive, and they’ll need to keep an eye on replayability as well.

Here’s everything GM Mode 2.0 needs…

Well, WWE, enough of that nonsense.

The company seems content to pretend that the NXT Women’s Title to duel Charlotte Flair doesn’t matter, or that Seth Rollins wasn’t the brand’s original champion, every week. This is bad, especially for those who recently serve mice on Tuesday nights. If it was 2K, they would include NXT in the rebuilt GM mode.

Players should have the opportunity to choose between Raw, SmackDown and NXT And NXT UK. Yes, it would be great to see the British brand out there somewhere – if that’s too much, make it part of the NXT group, or something. why not? It’s a WWE show, after all.

There is a reason to mention this first here. Vince McMahon and his cohorts keep dumping big trash on those three lowercase letters, and they don’t turn on. NXT deserves better than to be treated like the 2021 version of the WWF Jakked, and it should be part of the GM lineup.

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