Fairy Tail Video Game Adaptation Receives March 2020 Release

Fairy Tail Video Game Adaptation Receives March 2020 Release 1

Joining the evergrowing number of manga and anime franchises to receive its own video game adaptation is Hiro Mashima’s popular 63-volume manga and 328 episode anime Fairy Tail. In development by Atelier-developers GUST Studios and published by Koei Tecmo, it has been confirmed that it will be available from 19 March 2020 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC gaming platforms. While other Koei Tecmo studios such as Omega Force have adapted other franchises into their iconic style of gameplay, GUST typically stick with their own IPs, making this project something different from them.

In this title, you will build a party of five characters from a roster of over 15 playable characters, as you adventure across the Kingdom of Fiore in a quest to raise Fairy Tail to the status of top guild in the region. As characters fight together in the same party, their bonds gradually strengthen, and as their friendship level increases, special conversations will play out, including original dialogue written specifically for this title. Stronger bonds also allow for enhanced attacks. For example: the powerful Magic Chain ability can last for a longer period of time after teammates establish a significant bond. In addition, playing through the game’s original character relationship stories as well as the main the story will raise the party member’s Character Rank, unlocking a bounty of new battle skills.

With this release date announcement comes confirmation of pre-order and deluxe edition bonuses. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe version of this game will receive a special Grand Magic Games costume, a bonus Lacrima set and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy. In addition, purchasing any version of the game physically or digitally within a period of time for launch will also unlock a special costume for Erza.

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