Emotional narrative driven game Lydia arrives on Nintendo Switch this month with a very unique DLC


Nakana.io has announced they will be releasing Platonic Partnership’s award-winning narrative game Lydia on Nintendo Switch on the 17th January.  Based on the actual experiences of the developer, Lydia takes players on a journey as a little girl who has to live with alcoholic parents.  See more of the game in the trailer below…


Lydia is the story of a young girl who wishes for a happy childhood that she will never have.  As players grow with the girl they will be able to interact with items and characters while witnessing her struggles, and empathising with the feelings, behaviours and events that moulded critical moments of her life.

When Lydia releases on the Nintendo Switch it will be accompanied by a unique DLC which players can purchase and serves as a donation system to support the non-profit organisation Fragile Childhood which sets out on the worthwhile task of preventing and diminishing harms caused by parental alcohol/substance abuse.  This DLC will provide an in-game colouring book filled with monsters that Lydia is able to only colour in with happy colours.

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Lydia and its charitable DLC will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on 17th January.