Dread Nautical is available – Horror Strategy RPG in the launch trailer


The turn-based horror strategy RPG “Dread Nautical” is now available and can also be seen in the launch trailer.

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Zen Studios released the turn-based horror strategy RPG with Roguelike elements, “Dread Nautical”, for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, the launch trailer can be viewed.

It says, “Your cruise was so relaxing until monsters from another dimension appeared to kill everyone. Fight them, manage your resources efficiently, and persuade isolated survivors to join your efforts. A creepy, tactical, turn-based role-playing game full of fascination . “

Features of Dread Nautical

  • The cruise ship “Hope” has been showered with supernatural powers with mysterious, malicious monstrosities. Fight them as one of four unusual heroes.
  • Manage your scarce resources efficiently and convince isolated survivors to join your fight. You will need them to escape alive from this “vacation”.
  • Explore all of the ship’s 20 decks to unlock the Hope’s secrets. Think several steps ahead in each fight and plan the optimal use of each character’s action points.
  • Your weapons, bandages and other items deteriorate and your resources are very limited. Make sure your companions rest, otherwise they will panic.