Dell’s Concept UFO looks like Alienware got its hands on a Nintendo Switch


Dell has unveiled what it calls ‘The Concept UFO,’ a device that looks like the ungodly offspring between Alienware and Nintendo.

Its display measures in at eight inches, and altogether the device is heftier than the Switch.

The Concept UFO controller portions can detach and attach from the main screened gamepad, which reportedly feels more secure than the Switch’s locked-in rails. Similar to Nintendo’s console, there’s an accessory that connects the two pieces to create a controller for docked gameplay.

Concept UFO is powered by Windows 10, and Dell made an app dedicated to the device, to help users navigate and get to their games.

Dell hasn’t disclosed a lot about the Concept UFO like the processor, memory, screen resolution or the storage information.

According to Engadgetwhen docked to a TV, the Concept UFO looks to handle close to 60fps. Meanwhile, in Ars Technica’s hands-on they mentioned that the device itself looks to sport a 720p resolution when gaming. However, someone from Dell told them the reporter that it’s looking into exploring up to a 1200p resolution.

It’s important to note, while Concept UFO is a useable concept, it’s a concept; nonetheless, meaning that this specific device may never come to market. It does show that the company is working on a way to make PC gaming a lot more portable.

Source: Ars Technica, Engadget