Crucible launch date, three game modes detailed


Today, Amazon Game Studios sent us some information regarding its upcoming PvPvE shooter, Crucible. The PC game’s launch date is May 20, meaning just two weeks to wait before you can jump into the team-based action game.

As you can see in the new trailer below, while defending and attacking the enemy team, players have to overcome the dangers of the world’s environment. While the hunters are pursuing different objectives, aliens, enemy factions, criminals, and agents are constantly getting involved.

Three game modes will be supported at launch. In the 4v4 mode ‘Heart of the Hives’, two teams try to collect resources, which they take from the computer-controlled aliens by force.

‘Alpha Hunters’ is the classic deathmatch experience for multiple duos wherein you and a partner prove your dominance over the battlefield.

Finally, ‘Harvester Command’ is the largest team battle the game has to offer, and there are a total of 16 players in two teams fighting for territorial control. Whoever holds certain points of interest the longest, wins the match.

Crucible will be free-to-play and the fun starts at the end of May.

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