Crash Bandicoot Worlds Game Awards 2019: Proof new game IS getting TGA reveal?


Crash Bandicoot Worlds could be the focus of a major announcement during The Game Awards 2019. Crash Bandicoot has made a big comeback this generation ever since the release of the N Sane Trilogy on PS4 in 2017. Since then fans have seen Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled get released this year, with the return of CTR announced at last year’s Game Awards.

And fans have been left wondering whether another Crash Bandicoot game could get announced at The Game Awards 2019.

The reason for this is something very curious has been spotted on social media in the run-up to The Game Awards 2019.

Influencers have revealed that they have been sent Crash Bandicoot Christmas merchandise ahead of the Game Awards.

Tweeter Canadian Guy Eh revealed that seven influencers have received Crash products with Santa hats on them out of the blue.

They tweeted: “7 LARGE SCALE influencers have just received Crash products with little Santa hats on them out of the blue.

“Strap in and hang on. Things are about to go nuts.#CrashBandicoot #CrashPartner”.

This is interesting as last year ahead of the Game Awards reveal for CTR influencers also were randomly sent Crash Bandicoot Christmas cookies.

And the recent wave of Crash merchandise being sent to influencers has sparked speculation that a new game is set to be announced at TGA 2019.

According to the rumour mill, the new game is called Crash Bandicoot Worlds and will not be a remake.

As reported on in a post by Metro, this new Crash game is rumoured to feature a semi-open world design similar to Super Mario 3D World.

It’s also believed that this new Crash Bandicoot game will feature three new masks.

Rumours about Crash Bandicoot Worlds appeared on 4chan after PlayStation fans spotted some curious things.

In the new It’s Time to Play PS4 ad Crash fans spotted a mask that appeared in the commercial which has not featured in any other Crash game.

Fans also spotted that printed adverts for the same PlayStation campaign featured a character model for Crash not seen before.

One of these adverts appeared plastered over the side of a bus.

Responding to this on 4chan an alleged leaker said: “The mask in the video ‘It’s Time to Play’ and that Crash Bandicoot render in the bus posters come from the new game coming in 2020.

“The game, which was initially known as ‘CRASH8’, bears the title of ‘Crash Bandicoot Worlds’.

“The game will introduce three new masks: the lunar mask, the sun mask, the eclipse mask.

“Crash will travel around the planet Earth in a semi-open world, similar to Mario 3D World.

“There will be new enemies, such as a hybrid cat-frog, a rhino, a wombat and a rapper monkey.

“The game is developed by Toys For Bob and Vicarious Visions, and since October have started showing it behind closed doors, the announcement will be in December 2019.”

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