Chop is Dish now available on Xbox One

chop is dish xbox

Cooking Mama and Overcooked are the kings of the kitchen gaming scenes, but today we see a new chef arrive in the world, one who is on the hunt for mystical creatures after seeing his prized chunk of steak stolen. Yep, it may come with a silly name, and it may come with a crazy premise, but Chop is Dish is now available on Xbox One.

Priced up at just £4.19, Chop is Dish on Xbox One follows the tale of the world’s best chef. But in order for his foodie creations to appease his master, he needs the very best ingredients he can get his hands on. At the very top of that list is a stunning piece of meat, the best in the land and it’s with that he’s planning to deliver a quality meal. But one day a bunch of strange creatures rocked up in this chef’s kitchen, stealing his meat and sending him off on a journey of recovery.

Working as an old-school pixelarted platformer, Chop is Dish plays out as you help this disgruntled chef find his meat, and get back home. Thankfully, this is a guy who takes no prisoners, happily beating the living daylights out of anyone, or anything, he comes across. What else is he going to use a frying pan for?

Better still is the fact that this version on Xbox One includes the exclusive prologue chapter “Stolen Pork Story” – a chapter which has never previously been released on any other platform.

chop is dish xbox 1

If you’re looking for a lighthearted little romp through a new world, then what Victory Road and HugePixel are delivering to the Xbox scene may well be of interest. With a low price tag attached, heading over to the Xbox Store in order to grab your download, and the chance to play through this adventure should be high on your agenda.

And if you’re not immediately sold by this experience, let our upcoming full review lend a little hand. Keep an eye out for it in the days coming.

Game Description:

The game includes exclusive prologue chapter “Stolen Pork Story” never released on any other platforms! «Chop is Dish» tells the story of one cook who was robbed by some mystical creatures. Some strange monsters had suddenly appeared in his forest and stole his master chef’s chunk of beef. Our cook needed this meat for his ultimate dish, and now it’s gone — he has to act quickly and dangerously by pursuing the thieves and recovering his grand ingredient. The main feature is the protagonist — grumpy cook who would love to beat the sauce outta his enemies. Fans of oldschool pixelart games would be pleasantly surprised by this one, instantly feeling like home.