Can a Nintendo Switch game like Ring Fit Adventure help you lose weight?



When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, gamers would think of exclusive titles for the console such as Pokemon, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and many more casual games like Ring Fit Adventure. What? You never heard of that? Well, it’s an interactive sports fitness game and we just learn that you can potentially lose some weight from playing the game.

Initially, I wanted to write news about how a Japanese chick lost weight through the Ring Fit Adventure game but it turned out to be #fakenews. But from my research, a YouTube gamer, Austin John brought the Ring Fit Adventure to the test alongside his personal trainer for around 40 minutes and surprisingly, it was quite a workout for him. If the video is too long for you, long story short – his personal trainer approves of the game. 

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Given the nature of the game, we can’t say that we are that a surprise as it contains 60 types of sports mode. Ring Fit Adventure includes intense muscle training exercises for your arms, abdomen and legs (even yoga) and there’s even a story mode for you to tackle different boss levels with different exercises. On top of that, the game will also show you how much calories you have burned after each level. For the best result, it’s best to get a ring and thigh strap for the Switch controllers. It’s quite similar to the Wii Fit game that was on the Nintendo Wii U many years ago but on another level.

It’s not clear if the game is in Malaysia or not, as we haven’t seen it in stores (as our memories recall). But will you get it? This might be a great way to start your “get healthy” resolution for 2020. Stay tuned for more cool tech news at