Call of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone Patch Brings New Features


Infinity Ward announced a new patch for both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone that landed yesterday. The patch brought with it a playlist update for Modern Warfare, including blueprint gunfight, reinfected ground war, 3v3 Cranked Gunfight, and Shoot the Ship 24/7. The playlist update for Warzone includes solos, trios, and quads. Plundered trios and Most Wanted Contract modes have been announced.

The Most Wanted Contract mode has the player voluntarily putting a bounty on themselves or any squad rather than a random operator being marked on the map. Gamers who own Modern Warfare on the PS4 or Xbox have a required download that goes along with the update that’s 15 GB. The download is required to access the game.

Infinity Ward wrote, “Once you install the patch and select a mode, (multiplayer, campaign, Special Operations, etc.), you will be brought to a game install menu. Here, you’ll need to download Data Pack 1 from this menu. Once the download is complete, you will need to hard close and reopen the game application.”

A whole host of general fixes is added to the game with the patch, including a Challenges tab on the main multiplayer screen. Several exploits have also been patched to make gameplay more fair and enjoyable. Some new items have been added in Warzone, including the armor satchel. The full patch notes for the update can be seen here.