Bobby Berk Has Some Design Tips for Your “Animal Crossing” House


If you’ve checked Gay Twitter™ even once during quarantine, then you’ve noticed everyone seems to be playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the popular franchise’s latest video game for Nintendo Switch.

In the game, players’ avatars live on deserted islands, which users eventually build up and decorate with a house of their own. On Tuesday, the Queer Eye Twitter account revealed that the series’ interior design expert, Bobby Berk, would be offering players some design tips for their Animal Crossing abodes. They would just simply have to reply to the tweet with screenshots of their home and use the hashtag #QExAC.

Bobby stayed true to his word and bestowed some of his decorating knowledge on players who responded to the tweet with pics:

Back in March, it was announced that the sixth season of Queer Eye was filming in Austin, Texas, but it is unclear whether filming finished before the coronavirus pandemic put most of the country on lockdown. Netflix did promise that Season 5 would be dropping “real soon.”

We know we could definitely use some Fab Five fabulousness to get us through quarantine.

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