Bayonetta 3 Development Is “Progressing Very Smoothly”


“Please rest assured and wait for it,” says Hideki Kamiya.

bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 has had question marks all over it for a while now. Announced at the end of 2017, PlatinumGames and Nintendo haven’t shown anything of the game since its brief initial teaser trailer- though Platinum themselves have given multiple assurances over time that development on the action title is going very well.

Recently, Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya did so once again (that’s twice in two weeks). In a recent interview with Famitsu (via Japanese Nintendo), Kamiya acknowledged the lack of updates on the game, but gave assurances that development is “progressive very smoothly.” He also said that there are “many other interesting things” that he wants to talk about, but cannot just yet because they’re “super secret.”

“First of all regarding Bayonetta 3,” said Kamiya, “there hasn’t been any new information at all ever since the first reveal so I feel like a lot of people are getting worried about it, but the inspection for new systems is going well, and the development is also progressing very smoothly, so please rest assured and wait for it. There are also many other interesting things I want to talk about, but it’s a super secret so I can’t say.”

PlatinumGames’ president Kenichi Sato recently claimed that 2020 is going to be a big year for the studio, which was followed shortly afterward by the announcement that they’d received capital investment from Chinese multimedia giant Tencent so they could expand into self-publishing. Besides Bayonetta 3, Platinum is also currently working with Square Enix on Babylon’s Fall.