Animal Crossing New Horizons Box Art Revealed In New Trailer


Nintendo decided to reward its avid Animal Crossing Fans this New Year’s Day by dropping a new Japanese Trailer for New Horizons. The super cute trailer shows Tom Nook giving a presentation about his Desert Island Getaway Package to the animal villagers. We see an aerial view of the island, the villagers surprise at crafting and get out first look at the amazing box art. A higher res and wide screen version of this image gives us some interesting new details. We get our first look at a new NPC – a yellow dodo pilot – in the background of the image, a new looking beaver ‘villager’ (this isn’t Chip), we can also see the NPC Harvey across the ocean on his own island! I think he will have something to do with Nook Miles based on him being involved with Meow Coupons in the previous game. We also see that another new flower time is joining the mainline series, lillies, and we get to see Isabelle in some new casual clothes.

Check out the cute trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet:

Animal Crossing New Horizons releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 20 this year!