80s Overdrive drives max speed to Switch this May


80s Overdrive from Insane Code will come to Nintendo Switch on May 7. The game originally launched for Nintendo 3DS in December 2017, featuring Career mode, Time Attack mode, a racing track editor, six supercars, eight “unique visual themes,” 13 synth/retrowave musical pieces, and a lot of attractive pixel art that references back to the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Basically, if you ever enjoyed any of the earliest arcade racing games, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. And for as pretty as 80s Overdrive looks in static screenshots, it’s actually even prettier still in action, as its trailer showcases.

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Notably, the game has no multiplayer, which is quite the omission for the racing genre that begs for head-to-head competition. If you’re fine with revving your engine solo though, there’s nothing to worry about. And after you’ve finished creating your perfect track in the track editor, there’s nothing to stop you from handing the Switch off to a friend to try it out.

Insane Code’s 80s Overdrive is only the most recent in a surprisingly deep selection of racing and/or offroading titles available on Nintendo Switch. Options range from the classic Sega Ages: Virtua Racing to WRC 8 to the upcoming port of Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Alternatively, people who are just obsessed with the 1980s have Commander ’85 to look forward to.